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Our vehicle air-conditioning service, or re-gas as it is commonly referred to, involves a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis of your vehicles air-conditioning system.

We pressurise and leak test, inspect all visible components and test the operation. If no leaks are found and your system passes all legal requirements, we can re-gas your vehicle.

If we do find a leak or a faulty component, we will provide you a quote on the repairs before commencing any work.

Please note that it is against the law to re-gas any vehicle air-conditioning system with a known leak which is why we thoroughly inspect and leak test every vehicle before adding refrigerant gas R134a to the system.

Air conditioning Regas service at Kedron Car Electrics

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Kedron Car Electrics have the necessary licenses, qualifications and equipment to handle restricted refrigerants.
If your air-conditioning is blowing hot air, isn’t as cold as it used to be or you’ve noticed some bad smells or water stains, It may be time to book an air conditioning repair service.
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At Kedron Car Electrics we are here to help which is why we have compiled some of our most asked questions about your vehicles conditioning services. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call on 07 3359 4411 or visit us in store!

When should I get my cars air conditioning fixed?

As soon as you notice your vehicles air conditioning is not performing as well as it should. Try to avoid holding out until summer, as you can experience delays during the warmer months.

How long does an air-conditioning regas take and what is involved?

Typically an air-conditioning regas takes around 90 minutes for us to complete the regas and inspection on the system. We check the vehicles gas level and for any faults or leaks, then we recover any remaining gas in the vehicle, we regas the vehicle to manufactures specifications, and finally we run and re-inspect the system.

Do you need to make an appointment to have an air-conditioning regas?

Yes, appointments need to be made for an air-conditioning regas . Please call us on 3359 4411 to make a booking.

How often should I use my air-conditioning?

Use your vehicles air-conditioning as often as possible. Running your air-conditioning is good for the system as it keeps oil circulating and seals lubricated and soft.